About writing for public.

I came across a very good article about writing for public. Most of us are writing on a blog and reading other’s to learn from them.

One thing I understood is that by making your writing public you are exposing yourself to others about what you think. The quality of writing informs your quality.

I was suggested by my son that I must get my post curated by Grammerly app. It is good idea for other writers. When Osho talked his English too was not correct, so the disciples now run a subtitle with corrected English.

I just laughed at the very idea of it. Because his words needs support of your experience giving in today’s examples to let them understand his message.

He is talking about a mysterious thing in our body ie Soul only after experiencing it. No one can explain experience of smelling of a rose flower, specially to the one who has never seen it.

So the task is already so confusing that it is quite impossible to convey the correct message. Accuracy of language is not at all the barrier. The barrier is eagerness of the person to learn and start immediately experimenting what is learned in his/her life.

Now my English is poor and Osho’s English too was not good but I got hints even in such situation.

The main thing is that it should be your own wisdom and your intention is pure about helping people through this platform. Rest will come in due course of time on its own. As the Zen saying is ‘sit silently do nothing, the season comes and the grass grows itself. So here on writing for public I can say that ‘write from the depth of your heart using your wisdom to help others, the season comes and grass grows itself.

Martin Vidal is a good writer and a humble person too. I hope you all will get benefitted by his wisdom on Medium through his post ‘Why writing takes courage’

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