My experience of Transcendence/Satori/Nirbeej-samadhi.

It is about my own experience in spiritual journey through awareness or mindfulness meditation leading to falling into emptiness called as nirbheej samadhi or Satori in Zen Buddhism of Buddha. Tao of Lao Tzu is same and so spoke Zharathustra too by celebration.

My experiences of Sabeej Samadhi/Satori or with-seed samadhi.

My Indian philosophical or western psychological experience in my spiritual journey through meditation. I described my experience of with-seed samadhi. In it fear, desires and ego remains as driving force while one have experienced it.

Most recent Upanishad: The book of Mirdad.

Source: An Upanishad by a western mystic for western people and now useful for the world. Osho suggested it for spiritual seekers of younger generation or student of psychology. You may like to listen to the book, then please follow the link: Andrew Harvey, in the forward of 2010 edition of the book writes. … Continue reading Most recent Upanishad: The book of Mirdad.

Gyan marg or Bhakti marg?

There are two basic ways to reach Godliness within. There are two basic ways to reach Godliness within. Bhakti marg stresses bhajan/jap and all effort is to get it done automatically 24X7. It culminates into drowning in awareness ie ‘Darshan’ of Virat Swaroop of God.  Another way is through Gyan Marg(Meditation). In this awareness is … Continue reading Gyan marg or Bhakti marg?

Who is Ram? And how Ram is with farmers of India.

Now this became most prominent question at this prominent junction where India is standing today. Our Epic stories like Ramayan and Mahabharat are in a sense situations created by ancient Mystics so that most basic spiritual messages be imbibed in the life of even an illiterate and poorest person ie the farmer.  These have been … Continue reading Who is Ram? And how Ram is with farmers of India.

India at crossing point.

A person needs to change with time. In nature everything is changing. It is said that only thing that is constant in this material world is change. The eternity or truth is present in the material world in the form of change, I can conclude.  New government has changed whole perspective of governance in India. … Continue reading India at crossing point.

What is awareness or mindfulness?-updated.

When you are watching a rose, then you are aware of the rose, it’s beauty and fragrance etc. So there is nothing to achieve to become aware. Awareness is our nature.  If you have played any Virtual Reality game, then you become the hero player of it. The game is equally wast as the world … Continue reading What is awareness or mindfulness?-updated.

जो होता ‘है’ वो दिखता ‘नहीं

ईश्वर ही खुश होकर खिला है, हर फूल में। ईश्वर ही गा रहा है चिड़िया की चहचहाहट में। जो होता ‘है’ वो दिखता ‘नहीं’, जो दिखता ‘है’ वो होता ‘नहीं’। दिखने की दुनिया जन्नत है, होने की दुनिया बस नज़ारा है॥ एक सिंहासन दिखता है, जैसे कई हुए वैसे ही लेकिन उनमें से कितने बचे? … Continue reading जो होता ‘है’ वो दिखता ‘नहीं

We are holographic projections – part 2

credit :IICD, Jaipur from FB post We all are deformations in an infinite and eternal wave called God! The heart has the point from where this deformation begins. All our qualities are actually due to the wave called God. Whatever we do, actually the God is doing through us. He has programmed, or set defaults, … Continue reading We are holographic projections – part 2

Philosia – updated.

Credit : Airtel app. Indian Mystic said about consciousness ‘समुंद समाना बूँद में’ means It is like the ocean entered into a drop. Experiencing the consciousness is becoming it too-said Osho. A person is zero in comparison to infinite, and that experience make it infinite! Mystic Nanak said ‘एक़स के हम बारीक’ means we all … Continue reading Philosia – updated.