Purpose of life as human being.

An interaction of FB page became worth interest to someone here, so I just shared my views through this post.

Texting or browsing meditation.

Listen, in US English, to podcast on this post at PocketCasts - Philosia (दर्शन) or on Castbox - Philosia (दर्शन) or on Apple Podcasts- Philosia (दर्शन) or on Overcast - Philosia or at GooglePodcast - Philosia or on Breaker -Philosia etc. First of all please visit this page of Jai Richard on Facebook to become … Continue reading Texting or browsing meditation.


Again and again Osho stressed upon need of understanding the sex as enormous source of energy within. Just like due to our growing up in a society those who take care of us from birth to adult age impose their version or views upon us as the only truth. The body imposes sex on this … Continue reading TANTRIC LOVE 🌺

There is nothing like Karma.

There is nothing like Karma. Our present moment is all that is going to decide success of our inner journey. If we are doing our acts with totality and with love then such act is laying foundation for next moment toward ultimate happiness or ultimate freedom. My comments in the brackets or at the end … Continue reading There is nothing like Karma.

How we go on missing our reality because of desire-nature ie Nafs?

In brackets I have added little description from my own experience so that you can understand Nafs. The desire nature, “Nafs”, is like the horizon – it always looks as if it is just there, maybe ten miles away. If you rush you can reach it within two hours. But you will never reach it. … Continue reading How we go on missing our reality because of desire-nature ie Nafs?