Enlightened person needs to be a Rebel too-Osho

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/100003201156148/posts/4503470316436296/?d=n The society runs by the people who are showing off that they are more happy, more religious, mighty etc to all others. For that they keep purchasing costly items, participating in functions and organising events etc. This way their learning remains limited to such things and acts only. An enlightened person is happy … Continue reading Enlightened person needs to be a Rebel too-Osho

The experiment of Fibre Optic Cable to understand Philosia moment in life.

This article is third in series based upon metaphor of Fibre Optic Cable as a human being. This is about experience of Philosia moment in one’s life.

How to repair your Fibre Optic connection with eternity or soul.

I tried to relate faults in fibre optic cable with challenges in spiritual journey of a person.

You are like a fibre optic cable

I tried to explain the miracle every human being is carrying inside.