What Juniority and Seniority taught me in my polytechnic days?

Totapari Mango tree, whose leaves comes out as a flower. It defy law of nature so it is called as King of Fruits.

Our college was famous for its juniority and seniority concept. It was imbibed in us within first fortnight of joining it. Methods may vary with person depending upon his learnability but the lesson was same. Unity was another thing that was taught but it takes time to understand it.

What they taught me was one of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life.

Junior for me now means anyone who is less experienced than me in any field of life. Whether he is my senior or elder in age but I have to treat him same as seniors treated me by sharing their experience. Even it was their final exam next day but they do not hesitated to spare hours for teaching us concepts of our subject do that we could pass in the exams next day of that subject.

◦ In life you could not possess all the knowledge and experience available so they taught us not to hesitate to ask, ask from the person who is senior to you in that field, even if they have to cut short their studies but they respected our asking taught by them.

◦ So even today I readily ask even my kids for anything that they possess more than me. They are seniors to me in that field. So even parents can be junior to their kids, and kids may (should) become seniors to their parents.

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