Yes. We exist and don’t exist simultaneously!

Kabir in his one of the couplet said: समूँद नहीं सीप बिन, स्वाति बूँद भी नाहीं। कबीर मोती नीपजे, सून्य सिसिर गह गाँठी॥
Means: The Ocean, the sky and droplets from sky exists because the bivalve sea shell has to form Pearl out of it. Because God always is in favour of transformation be it of droplet if water or human being it does not matters much for him. The droplet of water gets transformed into Pearl and the water cease to exist in water cycle of water-vapour-rain like a human being leaves the cycle of life and death after transformation. Such is transformation of human being on enlightenment.

For example while playing a virtual reality game, in the game you exist as your player but cease to exist as watcher of game or watcher of VR. Still in your subconscious mind you exist! Because of that any harm to your player is not actually taken as harm to you and you keep playing fearlessly.
Out of VR game you cease to exist as player of the game. Now you exist as the one ‘really’ who played it. This is very similar to experience of ‘true reality’ by a spiritually awakened person or the one who has realisation of soul or self or or the one who has entered the Kingdom of God or transcendence.

So whole of this world exists for you to get transformed. It does not exists for spiritual purpose to them who are busy in material world for power, money etc etc.
It exists in present moment or to the person who is totally aware in all his acts or at least one act to begin with and not robotic type. Link to learn awareness in acts:

Normally person goes on switching between past and future without stopping there where the nectar is ie present moment. Mind is cunning because present moment is death for it. All this happens because of ego.
So the world of God exists in present moment like in ‘AHA’ moment you forget yourself(body form) completely and for a fraction of second God merges in you. It fills you immediately with lots of energy because it is source of infinite energy. This experience of being or God does not exists for materialistic person or when person is busy in worldly life. For a materialistic person the material world exists but for spiritual people material world does not exists.

A transformed person is one who exists and does not exists at the same time! He exists as soul, and does not exists as body because his mind cease to run. That is true and eternal happiness or call it ‘Kingdom of God’.