Enlightened person needs to be a Rebel too-Osho

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The society runs by the people who are showing off that they are more happy, more religious, mighty etc to all others. For that they keep purchasing costly items, participating in functions and organising events etc. This way their learning remains limited to such things and acts only.

An enlightened person is happy and adventurous intrinsically, and the inner journey is not going to end till death. Death being the biggest adventure for him.

I have watched closely many enlightened persons serving the society by following their rules, this has resulted in loss of both.

People around him keeps watching him minutely and any mistake by him is highlighted to its best this way they think that we too are no less than enlightened person even better than him and their journey stops even before taking a start.

And the enlightened thinks that people all around are so below his level and his praise by other average people around him let him believe that he has attained peak already so his learning and adventure stops. His highlighted evils let him surrender to people far below his level and he becomes a puppet in their hands.
Even he start staying away from any person higher in spiritual experiences.

An enlightened rebel helps both at the cost of troubles he faces due to his different opinion. Enlightenment is nothing but knowing that he is eternal, constant and infinite and body is going to vanish one day.

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